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Mesh fencing
mesh fencing mesh barriers

When Security Matters

Mesh fencing and mesh barriers provide an effective and aesthetically pleasing boundary that is both a visual deterrent and capable of blending with in with the surroundings. This quality

Makes it extremely popular for sites and venues that want the security of a high quality fencing product, but are conscious of the visual impact of the fencing they use.

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The Right Mesh Fencing For Your Project

At Gramm Barriers we have the experience and expertise to supply and install the full range of mesh fencing and barriers that are available on the market today. Each product has particular characteristics that means we are able to provide the ideal fencing for your specific jobs, sites and locations. Our design and installation team will provide guidance on which fencing will suit your project best, taking into account who and what you want to prevent crossing the boundary, your budget and the aesthetic needs of the finished installation.

As well as providing the right level of security, there is often a need to make sure the security fencing compliments the surroundings in which it is set. With a full range of mesh fencing products available we can provide the right colour and look for your site, as well as meeting the security needs of the property.

Quality Counts

We understand that your project is too important to put the mesh fencing installation in less than capable hands. With our proven track record of supplying high quality fencing and barriers, complimented with professional and efficient installation service, we offer a level of support that is second to none. This is why Gramm barriers are the logical choice to meet your needs.

To find out why, and to see just what we can do for you, call the Gramm Barriers team now.