NATURALSoundBlok – Reflective Acoustic Fence


Gramm Barrier Systems NATURALSoundBlok® Reflective acoustic fence barrier range has a classic look most suited to rural environments. Gramm have spent a great deal of time developing our Timber Acoustic Fence Noise Barrier Range to provide high decibel reductions and 30 year maintenance free design life.

Unlike other systems, Gramm do NOT use a tongue and groove system, as timber naturally wants to expand and contract in the varying weather conditions which causes gaps to open along the joints allowing noise to pass through.

Gramm Barrier systems NATURALSoundBlok® Reflective timber acoustic fence noise barrier range uses a unique double acoustic board design on structural supports which allow the timber to move whilst maintaining an acoustic seal for the full life span.

Our range of timber acoustic fence barriers can be manufactured to suit the requirements of each individual site, ensuring the barrier system provides the highest level of sound reduction available.


Gramm Barrier systems NATURALSoundBlok® Reflective acoustic fence barrier are constructed off site under strict quality controls providing the highest level of construction which conforms to all the latest standards required for all sectors. Alternatively, our Timber Reflective acoustic fence range can be installed piece mill on site, to allow for varying ground conditions and obstacles.

NATURALSoundBlok® Reflective acoustic fence panels are constructed using incised, Tanalith E pressure treated timber which is sourced from an FSC approved supplier.

The panels consist of horizontal structural rails and structural gravel boards. The face side is then clad with vertical acoustic boards and cover boards and surmounted by a weathered calling. All elements are fixed using stainless steel annular ring shanked nails and fixings.


  • Class = B3
  • Acoustic Performance = DLʀ 30dB
  • Design Life of barrier = 30 years
  • Design Life of Timber Posts = 30 years
  • Design Life of Steel Posts = 60 + Years
  • Barrier Heights = From 0.5m – 10m (Bespoke heights available on request)
  • Bay Widths = From 1.0m – 3.0m
  • Weight = 26.4 kg/m2
  • Material = Timber
  • Finish = Tanalith E Treatment – Green or Brown.

Foundation types

Gramm’s NATURALSoundBlok® noise barrier acoustic fence system can be either set into concrete foundations or bolted down to individual concrete pads or a continuous concrete strip/pad.

Fixing methods

a) Galvanised steel or PPC posts with baseplates can be fixed to concrete surfaces using chemfix resin anchors or cast in cradles.
b) Steel posts can be set into augered or bucket dug concrete foundations.

Why Choose Gramm Barrier Systems?

Gramm Barrier Systems are one of the only noise barrier specialist in the country give a 30 year guarantee on all our Acoustic Fencing, Acoustic Barriers & Noise Barriers. We also confirm that the barriers are designed to be maintenance free for the full 30 years.

Some of our noise barrier range is fully CE Marked and compliant for use on Highways England schemes under CPR 2013. Also schemes using Sector Scheme 2C, for the supply and installation of Environmental Barriers

All ours materials and installations are to such a high standard we are the only noise barrier specialists to have all our works backed and insured by the government.

Gramm Barriers Noise Barrier systems give the highest level of sound reduction on the market which is why our product’s are specified on many major road and rail schemes.

Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd are fully committed to the highest level of customer service, professionalism and health & safety for every installation. Utilising quality materials in manufacturing, the highest level of expertise, Gramm aim to maintain a quality product that is secure and reliable.

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