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Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd is a leading UK installer of acoustic barriers and high security fencing systems.

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POLYSoundBlok Absorptive
POLYSoundBlok Absorptive

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ASFC (Association of safety fencing contractors)

Gramm has over 30 years of experience in the design & installation of environmental acoustic fence, noise barriers and security fencing.

The best noise barriers for your project

Because we have our own full range of  SoundBlok Noise Barriers and Acoustic Fencing we are able to provide a solution that is just right your project, whatever the specification and/or budget.

Our SoundBlok range includes reflective & absorptive barriers manufactured from:

Timber, Acrylic, Aluminium, Steel and Plastic (acrylic and recycled), as well as Concrete and living green noise barriers.

We also offer an additional product that enhances even further the noise protection characteristics of your acoustic screening – call to find out more.

Security fencing that prevents and protects

The security of any site or property means employing a robust and comprehensive system of barriers to ensure there are no weak areas in the perimeter. Before we recommend any type of security fencing, our design and installation team will carry out a full survey to ensure we understand the environment and threats that the fencing will have to work with.

Only then will we recommend the very best type of security fencing that meets the project needs, including aesthetic quality for environmental considerations, as well as providing an effective barrier against just who and what you want to keep from crossing that perimeter.

We also install our full range of Network Rail (NR) approved noise barrier & security fencing systems. We are a primary sponsor for Network Rail and all our installers hold valid Sentinel (PTS) cards for the installation of railway approved general & Security fencing.

Tried tested and trusted

We have a well-earned reputation for providing the very best products and service on every project we undertake. To find out why, and to see just how we can help with your noise barrier and security fencing projects, give us a call.

Call us today on 08442 259002 / 01323 872243 or email us on