Security Fencing

Security fencing has to be right, and it has to be good. Whether you need to keep people and animals in or out of a building or an area, it’s crucial to have the standard of security barriers in place that will get the job done.

Gramm Barriers - Security Fencing

Security Fencing That Works

Security Fencing is essential for keeping sites and property secure. Ensuring you have the right security fencing requires a comprehensive approach to ensure there are no weak areas in a perimeter, whatever its size.

Our design and installation team will not only supply and install your security fencing, we will also carry out a full survey to ensure it meets the total security requirements for each site, bearing in mind just who and what you want to keep from crossing that barrier.

Security Barriers – Mesh and Palisade

Security Barriers and Fencing come in two main types:

  • Mesh Fencing.
  • Palisade Fencing.
  • Railings.

Each type has particular strengths, and the one which is most appropriate for your project will depend on the particular threat you wish to protect against. Our expert team will provide guidance on the most appropriate Security fencing for your site, taking into account not only who and what you need to prevent crossing the barrier, but also your budget and the aesthetic needs of the project.

Rely On Our Fencing, Rely On Our Team

Our reputation is based on a proven track record of high quality installations throughout the UK, backed by a level of support and service that is second to none.

The service begins the moment you contact us. We will make a point of finding out exactly what it is you need for your security fencing project, and listen carefully to everything you can tell us about the site and the needs of the end user. We will then work with you to provide the right quote and plan to get your project underway quickly and efficiently.

Call now to find out why Gramm Barriers are the right choice for your security barriers and fencing needs.