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Other Products

Flood Barriers

The Task Green Kit is a unique solution using recycled materials to provide a modular product for multiple applications in fencing, flood barriers, sound barriers, agricultural pens and buildings and marine decking at competitive cost.

The Material:

  • High Strength / highly resistant / recycled / easy fabrication
  • Fence finishes: Wood finish surface / Grooved surface

The innovative composite polymer material is structured with internal cavities providing great strength; resistant to water, u/v deterioration and most chemicals; long life; minimal maintenance; recyclable at end of life. It can be drilled, sawn and screwed as timber or glued for permanent fix. Material will melt under extreme heat but does not burn.


Fencing / general / security

The inherent strength of the boards and posts provides significant protection to lateral force. If required, this can be reinforced by the insertion of one or more heavy duty steel cables along the inner spaces of the boards providing extra protection against penetration by vehicles.

A height of up to 1.8m is achievable and curved formations can be created using the angle on the unique, patented post.

In addition, the inner spaces can be used to carry electrical cables for power or lighting, providing protection from tampering and negating the need for expensive external use of armoured cable. Similarly, CCTV cabling can be carried internally for applications requiring surveillance and capture of visual images.


Sound Barrier

The material together with the board’s design of interior air space provides a sound absorbent barrier greatly reducing decibel levels.

In addition, the grooved surface of the board also acts to break up the sound waves hitting the panel and deflects noise.


Flood Barriers - temporary and permanent

Temporary flood protection provided by embedding one or more boards below ground surface between post lengths. Rapid assembly of panels by fixing relevant height posts to embedded base via steel inserts and slotting boards into post grooves and tightening the top clamp.

Permanent barriers can be assembled using ‘No Nails’ adhesive.


Agricultural / stock fencing

The qualities of strength and easy maintenance lend the product to useful application in the agricultural environment. The panels can be assembled for livestock pens, storage, security protection and temporary buildings. Resistance to absorption of moisture and ease of maintenance by power washing or steam cleaning make for effective use.

Traditional post and rail application can be made by use of the post groove inserts being cut as required and used as spacers. Water piping can be carried internally.

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