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Other Products

Sports Safety Fencing

Gramm can supply sports fencing systems which are designed to protect sports fields and pitches and are also built at height for effective ball stopping, providing vital resistance against impact and vandalism.

Sportsground fencing comes in a vast range of styles and patterns to suit all requirements, from basic handrail perimeters to 10m high netting ballstop, Gramm surveyors are able to advise on the best system for each location taking into account, use, cost and aesthetics.

We can offer a range of crowd barriers designed to provide both sportsmen and spectators safety via a unique rigidity system capable of absorbing sporting impact. This helps to reduce the risk of injury to the player without permanent deformation to the barrier structure whilst also forming an attractive physical barrier between pitch, spectators and the surrounding area.

We have a range of sport netting mesh types, colours and sizes to suit all applications. All of our sports netting is knotted with UV treatment to increase lifespan and strength.