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Traffic - Major Highways
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Noise Surveys & Consultancy

Traffic - Major Highways

Long Lasting Solutions

With the increase of traffic on our major highways and the rising level of public complaint, noise barriers, properly designed, still provide the most effective and long lasting solution to highway noise.

Full Compliance with Standards

For highway noise, it is essential to ensure that the barrier has been tested and certified for acoustic and structural performance*. At the design stage, we ensure that the standards have been correctly utilized and that they are fully complied with in the tender process.

* Covered by BSEN 1793 parts 1 to 5 and BSEN 1794 parts 1 and 2.

Absorbing Barriers To Deaden Noise

On many busy roads noise-absorbing barriers can further deaden the noise. In our design, using a variety of options in material and appearance, we ensure that the most appropriate barrier is used for each application.