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Traffic - Housing Development
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Noise Surveys & Consultancy

Traffic - Housing Development

Keeping Houses Sellable

Brownfield sites close to motorways are being increasingly used for new large-scale housing developments. The impact of traffic and onsite construction noise can greatly affect the value of the built homes. Relying on low-level basic wooden fences for noise insulation can leave the properties virtually un-sellable.

Quality of Life Enhanced

A home needs a quality of life based on specified noise limits. When properly designed, a barrier can also be adapted to blend with its environment and look good. The imaginative use of foliage and textures can help to break up and vary the appearance of a barrier to suit its surroundings.

Designed To Do The Job

House builders are responsible to meet the requirements for noise laid down in PPG24 and by the World Health Authority. Where noise control is required, the noise barrier must be supported by a comprehensive acoustic design to demonstrate that it can do the job.