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Industrial - Power Transformers
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Noise Surveys & Consultancy

Industrial - Power Transformers

Dealing with Tonal Noise

Electrical Substations typically generate noise at 100 and 200Hz. These low frequency tones can travel a long way and cause a nuisance to the surrounding neighbourhood. Barriers and enclosure designs must be ‘tuned’ to these frequencies to provide an adequate solution to the problem.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Enclosing the transformer is often impractical. The cost of repositioning electrical equipment can itself far exceed the cost of a installing a barrier. The need of access for transformer replacement means that a well-designed noise barrier is often the only cost effective solution.

Special Designs for Increased Load

New housing estates built close to substations can greatly increase the load on the transformers. Noise levels may rise considerably, reverberating in nearby homes even where transformers have already been enclosed. The only practical solution is a noise barrier system specially designed to suit the location.