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Industrial - Heavy Goods Vehicles
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Noise Surveys & Consultancy

Industrial - Heavy Goods Vehicles

Silencing Public Complaints

Public complaints about industrial noise often focus on heavy goods vehicles maneuvering, gear changing and accelerating around a factory site. Typical of this would be haulage or distribution depots, amenity waste facilities, dairies or construction sites. Noise Barriers should be designed to remove the likelihood of complaints occurring.

Reducing Low Frequency Noise

Slow moving high sided vehicles often require high performance noise-absorbing barriers to reduce the low frequency noise they generate. Very few barrier designs can achieve this. Each factory has its own unique problems and providing an effective solution requires a detailed acoustic study to be carried out.

Satisfying Environmental Health

Local authorities will issue noise abatements notices on factories that generate noise constituting a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Health Act. SBS Ltd works closely with planning and environmental health departments to ensure that any final barrier design is fully approved.