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Noise Surveys & Consultancy

Acoustic Fencing Noise Surveys & Design

Gramm offers a unique consultancy service in the design and specification of noise barriers for all traffic and industrial applications.

These services include:

Acoustic Fencing Design & Certificates.

Gramm Barrier systems offer a full design service from start to finish. We will work out wind loadings on the system, Foundation and post sizes plus barrier types best suited for your location. i.e Timber Reflective, Metal Absorptive. Once we have worked out a guaranteed design we will produce full design calcs, Drawings + certificates.

Detailed Noise Surveys

By measuring noise level variations throughout the day, and by assessing the background level and frequency spectrum we are able to find out just how intrusive the noise really is.

Full Acoustic Studies

Computer modeling enables us to predict how the noise spreads from the road or factory to the surroundings. Taking into account topographical features, weather and ground conditions, we can build up a clear picture of where noise reduction ismost needed.

Noise Barrier Design Specification

Using the model, we calculate the optimum design of barrier for the job. We “tune” the barrier to the noise to give the most cost-effective solution and provide a comprehensive design specification in terms of type, performance, dimensions andstructure to satisfy local environmental and planning requirements.

Guidance on Installation

Gramm can offer guidance and supervision in the complete barrier construction process to ensure that all British and European standards are met in full.