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Height Restriction Barriers
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Height Restriction Barriers


Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd has developed and refined height restriction barriers to prevent the access of unauthorised tall vehicles in prohibited areas. Height Restriction Barriers are usually request by councils and businesses to prevent the access of HGV vehicles and caravans, where their presence could cause extra work for councils (i.e. cleaning of litter) and or pose as a security risk. A swing barrier can be attached in order to apply various height allowances.

Gramm Barriers Recommended Applications & uses

  • Restricted access to HGV's and Caravans
  • Prevention of access to a weak bridge
  • Restricted access to railway car parks and stations
  • Supermarkets
  • Schools

Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd are fully committed to the highest level of, customer service, professionalism and health and safety for every installation. Utilising quality materials in manufacturing, the highest level of expertise, Gramm Barriers aim to maintain a quality product that is secure and reliable. Gramms team of experts supply and install Height Restrictors across the U.K.