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Gramm Barriers POLYSoundBlok® Reflective noise barrier systems are manufactured from high strength reinforced polymers. The strong maintenance free structure of the product makes it ideal for Road, Rail and industrial projects. Our system consists of highly durable rigid panels which, are rot proof and resistant to aggressive environments and compounds such as salt spray and oils all without the need for additional surface treatments throughout their operational life.

Gramm Barriers supply and install their POLYSoundBlok® Reflective noise barrier system extensively throughout Europe and the UK within urban areas, roads, rail and on various structures.
Gramm Barrier systems POLYSoundBlok® Reflective barrier are constructed off site under strict quality controls providing the highest level of construction which conforms to all the latest standards required for all sectors.


Each panel is made of corrosion- resistant up-cycled plastic. Gramm Barriers POLYSoundBlok® Reflective high-density composite surfaces in conjunction with high density mineral infill panels ensure consistent high acoustic performance throughout the length of the barrier. All designs are certified to the very latest European standards.

A unique design feature of the POLYSoundBlok® Reflective barrier construction is that individual panels can be removed and replaced. Panels are not bolted, welded, or otherwise permanently fastened to each other or to the support posts (Top security fixing added if required). Should replacement be called for as a result of structural damage, no more than three workmen using ordinary hand tools will be able to do the job. The light weight (30.0kg/m2) of the noise shield panels also make them the prime choice for barrier construction atop existing bridges, overpasses, or other elevated transit structures which cannot support heavier alternative products.


  • Class = A0,B3
  • Acoustic Performance = DLʀ 28dB
  • Design Life of barrier = 40+ years
  • Design Life of Steel Posts = 60 + Years
  • Barrier Heights = From 0.415m – 10m (Bespoke heights available on request)
  • Bay Widths = From 1.0m – 4.25m
  • Weight = 23.0kg/m2
  • Material = core up-cycled PVC (3.30mm)
  • Finish = 4 Standard Colours, Brown, Green, Grey & Black (Other colours available on request)

Foundation types

Gramms POLYSoundBlok® Reflective noise barrier system can be either set into concrete foundations or bolted down to individual concrete pads or a continuous concrete strip/pad.

Fixing methods

a) Galvanised steel or PPC posts with baseplates can be fixed to concrete surfaces using chemfix resin anchors or cast in cradles.
b) Steel posts can be set into augered or bucket dug concrete foundations.

Why Choose Gramm Barrier Systems?

Gramm Barrier Systems are one of the only noise barrier specialist in the country give a 30 year guarantee on all our Acoustic Fencing, Acoustic Barriers & Noise Barriers. We also confirm that the barriers are designed to be maintenance free for the full 30 years.

Some of our noise barrier range is fully CE Marked and compliant for use on Highways England schemes under CPR 2013. Also schemes using Sector Scheme 2C, for the supply and installation of Environmental Barriers

All ours materials and installations are to such a high standard we are the only noise barrier specialists to have all our works backed and insured by the government.

Gramm Barriers Noise Barrier systems give the highest level of sound reduction on the market which is why our product’s are specified on many major road and rail schemes.

Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd are fully committed to the highest level of customer service, professionalism and health & safety for every installation. Utilising quality materials in manufacturing, the highest level of expertise, Gramm aim to maintain a quality product that is secure and reliable.

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