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Acoustic Barriers

Green Planting System

Innovations and benefits

  • Innovative aluminium sectional frame for increased stability
  • Robust tongue and groove interlock for easy stacking of multiple elements
  • Reinforced vertical bars for even higher noise barriers
  • Ventilation and drain ducts for constant noise barrier performance
  • Innovative click-fastening system for various vertical member sections (patent pending) reduces the assembly time effort at the construction site
  • Modular standard components (3,960 x 1,000 mm, 3,960 x 500 mm) for a cost-efficient realisation of small and large-scale projects
  • Various height compensation modules (stackable) for easy adaptation to different landscapes
  • Extensive colour range for all system components allows for individual design

Product specification:

  • Excellent sound-insulating and highly absorptive performance, classified in B3 and A3-4 according to ZTV-Lsw on both sides
  • Suitable for extensive planning on both sides
  • Robust element structure for a consistent natural appearance, also without planting
  • Extremely high aging and corrosion resistance
  • High UV and colour resistance of all used materials
  • Compatible to other GRAMM noise barrier elements
  • All used materials are completely recyclable

Technical specification:

  • Noise insulation, group B3 according to DIN EN 1792-2
  • Sound absorption, group A4 according DIN 1793-1
  • Wind load of up to 2.0 KN/m2 and more
  • Weight: 35kg/m2 element
  • Sound reduction of 34dB
  • Building width 122 mm
  • Fire resistance, assigned to class A1 according to EN/ISO 1716 and 1182
  • Minimum useful life: 30 years
  • Load bending tested according to DIN EN 1794-1