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Acoustic Barriers

Aluminium Louvred Absorptive Noise Barriers


Gramm Barriers systems Aluminium Louvred Acoustic barriers have been uniquely designed to offer high levels of sound reduction while allowing air to flow through the barriers.

Our Aluminium Louvered Noise Barriers can be installed in any location with either concrete in or base plated posts. The unique design offers huge sound reductions of up to 30db while still allowing air to pass through. This makes our barrier ideal for the following situations.

  • Generator compounds
  • Chiller Compounds
  • Data Centres
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Any location that requires good airflow to working equipment.


Acoustic Performance:

The acoustic performance meets all the current UK and European regulations for roadside applications.

Random Incidence Sound Absorption:

  • Tested to BS 3638 (BS EN 20345: 1993)
  • Noise reduction coefficient (250-2000Hz): a=0.98
  • Tested to proposed CEN standard, pr EN 1793:1
  • DLa= 16 dB, Class: A4

Sound Insulation:

  • Tested to BS 2750: Part 3 (BS EN20140: Part 3) (ISO 140/111)
  • Weighted Sound Reduction Index, Rw,= 30dB (BS 5821: 1984)
  • Tested to proposed CEN standard, pr EN 1793:2
  • DLR= 24.6 dB, Class: B3

Gramm Barrier Systems Ltd are fully committed to the highest level of customer service, professionalism and health & safety for every installation. Utilising quality materials in manufacturing, the highest level of expertise, Gramm aim to maintain a quality product that is secure and reliable. Gramm Barriers team of experts supply and install Aluminium Louvred Acoustic Barriers across the U.K.